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Vaibhav Patil

Mr. Vaibhav is an Educationalist, Entrepreneur, NLP Practitioner & Subconscious Mind coach,Hypnotist,Business & Corporate coach & most of all very passionate, innate & instinctive professional skills development trainer which enhances every major & minor attributes of business entity. He is highly dedicated public as well as corporate training professional who believes “It is our mindset, determination & endeavor which leads towards betterment”. His extremely mature & rational organizational skills, Entrepreneurship experiences, technical background, hardworking & dedicated personality attributes, perseverance encourages & motivates any ordinary individual to become best version of himself/herself in professional aspects & ensures strong urge for transformation & relevant course of action by him/her towards overall wellbeing of self or organization.
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What you'll learn
⦁ Secrets & application of those secrets to human memory ⦁ How to apply subconscious mind to permanently memorize things ⦁ Practice as well as to teach the things ⦁ Facilitate learning to students ⦁ More effective public speaking


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What you'll learn
Learn certified memory techniques at advance level which is applicable for studies. This course gives amazing memory techniques from LKG to PG level.
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